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Research & Development

TECH TITAN has its own research and development team which has been invested tremendously because of the strong believes that the new innovations are going to improve our lives.

Partnership with Kaspersky Lab

TECH TITAN has formed a partnership with Kaspersky Lab due to the commitment to provide products with premium quality and also the urge to ensure the leading position in the industry.

Commvault: Simpana Software

CommVault® Simpana software is built from the ground up on a single platform and unifying code base for integrated data and information management. All functions share the same DNA and back-end technologies to deliver the unparalleled advantages and benefits of a truly holistic approach to protecting, managing and accessing data.
Simpana software offers investment protection with a core software platform that is flexible, modular, and ready to conquer new challenges as they emerge. Simpana software does the jobs of many point-level products, only better, more cost effectively, and much more simply.

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Damballa Failsafe: Enterprise Advanced Threat Protection

Today’s threats evolve constantly. Prevention tools, like anti-virus, firewalls and sandboxes, can’t stop infections they haven’t seen before. Damballa Failsafe is different. It fills the gap between failed prevention and your incident response.

Damballa Failsafe is an automatic breach defense system that detects APT and advanced malware infections with certainty, terminates their activity and gives responders the ammunition needed to rapidly prevent loss.

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Hillstone Networks

Today’s malware is smarter than your Next-Generation Firewall

While traditional Next-Generation Firewalls play a critical role in network security, each week we read about high-profile breaches at leading retail, entertainment, and financial institutions who discover a breach. In most cases, the breach was being exploited for weeks if not months. At Hillstone Networks we looked for a better way to build the next Next-Generation Firewall and we did. It starts with adding intelligence.

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InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise is a comprehensive solution for data protection, loss prevention and monitoring the transmission of sensitive information outside a company, as well as for the protection of the company from internal threats.
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Our Office

TECH TITAN is headquartered in Malaysia with regional offices distributed in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. It currently has staff strength of 250 which provides professional expertise to deliver the satisfactory products and service to meet or exceed customers’ expectation.

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