Security at the Speed of DevOps

Continuous Detection of Vulnerabilities

CxIAST fills the critical application security gap by continuously monitoring application behavior and finding vulnerabilities that can only be detected on a running application. The Interactive Application Security Testing Agent continuously monitors and collects the information available during testing and uses this to detect security vulnerabilities.

Let Your AppSec Flow

CxIAST provides interactive vulnerability detection without impacting development cycle times.

Unlike other application security testing solutions, CxIAST delivers results in zero time, making it a flawless fit for DevOps and CI/CD environments.

Speed Up Your Dynamic Testing

CxIAST is built for DevOps and fits perfectly into QA automation or CI/CD pipelines. This Interactive Application Security Testing solution provides advanced vulnerability detection for applications under test with zero impact on test cycle times, addressing the fast paced software release timelines of today.

Designed for Speed

Fits Seamlessly with CI/CD Environments

Leverage Any Functional Testing Frameworks with Security Findings

Immediate Feedback

Zero Scan Time

CxSAST Results Correlation

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