Gamifying Secure Coding Education

Empower Developers

Codebashing helps developers learn and sharpen application security skills in the most efficient way, because it is in-context and available on-demand. Codebashing is fully integrated into the CxSAST user interface so when developers encounter a security vulnerability they can immediately activate the appropriate learning session, quickly run through the hands-on training, and get straight back to work equipped with the new knowledge to resolve the problem.

Secure Coding Best Practices

Along with the understanding that application security has to start during the development phase of the application comes the need to increase developers secure coding best practices techniques. More often than not, developers lack application security skills.

Contextual Learning

Existing training solutions are ineffective and slow them from accomplishing their main task – writing code. Even if there is periodic security training, the knowledge gained usually fades over time, rendering the effort ineffective.

Contextual training modules allow developers to receive on demand education relevant for their specific challenges.

Digestible Bite Size Training Modules

Digestible bite size training modules – Rather than spending a whole day in a classroom, developers can increase their skills using 5 to 10 minutes sessions without leaving their work environment.

Play the Hacker

Interactive – Through hacking and fixing a live demo application, the developer gets an interactive and engaging hands on experience along with a clear explanation on how to correctly fix the relevant vulnerability.

What Makes Us Different

Innovation Cycle

Tired of seeing the same content year in, year out? We take real world examples from penetration testing teams and our customers share real code level security issues with us, that’s how we stay current.

User Focused

User experience is a top priority for us, we know what it feels like to be subjected to mundane training. Unlike the competition, we want you to be finished as quickly as possible, and still provide a better level of training quality, user time is precious.

No Boring Videos

We want users to feel engaged and have an immersive, hands-on experience during our training. Importantly, we ensure that the content is relevant only to your programming language. No Videos, No Flash.

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