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Path Solutions is at the forefront of the Islamic financial software services industry. The portfolio of software solutions for Islamic, commercial, retail, corporate and investment banking include Core banking, mobile and Internet banking, portfolio management, risk management, payments and financial messaging, and reporting solutions.

Path Solutions offers the industry’s widest range of software solutions to Islamic banks and Islamic financial institutions addressing all their operational requirements.

Path Solutions’ iMAL, is a new generation of comprehensive enterprise and yet modular Islamic banking and investment system addressing the in-depth business functionality and the state-of-the-art technology in a single, highly integrated front, middle and back office system. It is a user-friendly, integrated, modularized suite reflecting an extensive range of business practices.

iMAL is being designed and developed from scratch on the basis and principles of Sharia,
to enable a powerful and service-oriented banking infrastructure without restrictions and with minimum disruption to banking operations.

The solution provides full support to various functions within the organization including: Corporate & Retail Banking, Investment Banking, Financing, Treasury & Brokerage, Settlement, Risk Management, Funds & Portfolios, Trade Finance, Facility Management, CIF, Profit Calculation, Accounting & MIS, Private & Personal Banking, Fixed Assets, Personnel & Payroll, Assets & Liabilities Management, Shareholders Registration and Regulatory Reporting.

Path Solutions offers a differentiating proposition second to none – the combination of a
deep knowledge base in the field of Islamic banking with software solutions developed in-house – that is indigenous to the Islamic banking community and unique to Path Solutions.

iMAL can run with Oracle latest technologies, i.e. Oracle Database 12c, Oracle WebLogic 12c, Oracle Linux 7, Oracle Solaris 11, Oracle VM 3, Oracle Big Data Appliance and Oracle Database Appliance.

Path Solutions reaffirms its commitment to the Islamic finance industry by developing solutions for Islamic window operations to help financial institutions in grabbing new business opportunities. Thus allowing them to reach new potential customers, maximize their investments and efficiency while being in full compliance with the Sharia regulations.

iWINDOW is a key solution that provides financial institutions with functionality covering Retail and Corporate operations, customers’ fund, and investments that are fully Sharia-compliant. The solution caters mainly for customer service management, Islamic investments and funds, facility management, trade finance, and treasury operations. The solution is made specifically for Islamic banking operations and provides the market best practice.

iWINDOW can be deployed in two modes: Strictly Islamic branches; where accepted deposits are put in an Islamic teller box. This procedure includes implementing Path Solutions’ Islamic core banking system iMAL so as to verify, from inception, that the process is Islamic. And Hybrid branches; where Islamic and conventional deposits are combined in the same teller boxes, and are segregated through product codes. This procedure is done by performing integration with the existing core banking system at the bank. Afterwards, Islamic accounts’ balances are mapped to the Islamic profit calculation system, enabling the distribution of revenues to the Islamic depositors.

As Islamic finance keeps expanding, the adoption of Islamic windows in conventional financial institutions constitutes a great opportunity for growth, increased profitability, and new market share. iWINDOW helps financial institutions in reaching these goals, as it covers all Islamic banking requirements while being fully compliant with the Sharia rules and regulations.

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iWINDOW can run with Oracle latest technologies, i.e. Oracle Database 12c, Oracle WebLogic 12c, Oracle Linux 7, Oracle Solaris 11, Oracle VM 3, Oracle Big Data Appliance and Oracle Database Appliance.

The emergence and growth of Islamic finance is a phenomenon that has generated considerable interest in the financial world, given its ability to offer innovative financial solutions to an underserved market in the Muslim world, and increasingly in the West, where significant segments of the institutional and retail markets are actively considering this alternative for their financing and investment needs.

Path Solutions’ iSHRAQ suite provides Islamic-based Financial and Investment solutions to clients specializing in Sharia investments, to bring the best of Stock Markets, Mutual Funds, Portfolio Management Services, Real Estate Investment, and Wealth Management Services in a Sharia-compliant way. iSHRAQ in-depth research, technical analysis and powerful trading tools coupled with the highest standards of service are tailored to suit the requirements of investors, providing a complete financial suite to investors to pursue their investment goals with an advanced e-trading portal which enables them to buy and sell securities at ease, anywhere, anytime.

Although representing only one percent of the world assets, Islamic finance has a significant potential to access unprecedented financing opportunities for millions of Muslims through the suite of Islamic Financial and Treasury products that iSHRAQ provides. iSHRAQ suite has also a powerful solution to the booming Microfinance industry and for the non-for-profit funds in poor countries.

iSHRAQ suite is architected on the latest state-of-the-art technologies that rely on web and web services while maintaining the competent traits for such solutions in terms of security, stability, and user friendliness.

iSHRAQ suite consists of 7 modular products:
iSHRAQ suite key features:
  • Web Based Solution
  • Flexible and Easily Adaptable
  • Efficient Reporting
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Online Processing
  • End to End Business Processes
  • 24/7 Real-Time Access to Investment Information
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iSHRAQ can run with Oracle latest technologies, i.e. Oracle Database 12c, Oracle WebLogic 12c, Oracle Linux 7, Oracle Solaris 11, Oracle VM 3, Oracle Big Data Appliance and Oracle Database Appliance.

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