Founded in year 2012, TECH TITAN Group is a leading IT Security solution provider in the area of network security. We lead the industry to embrace emerging technologies – helping to redefine the future of technology distribution.

TECH TITAN Group is driven to provide the most reliable solutions to meet the wide range of needs. Being at the cutting edge of the fast-paced and constantly changing technology environment, TECH TITAN Group focuses in Endpoint security, managed security solutions, unified threat management appliances, advanced threat protection solutions (APT) and others to fulfil the needs of corporate, enterprise and home users. We bring the best-of-class global security brand names to suit the changing market trends.

TECH TITAN is headquartered in Malaysia with subsidiaries in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. It currently has staff strength of more than 250 which provides professional expertise to deliver the satisfactory products and services to meet or exceed customers’ expectation.

We have always made it a top priority to bring the best-of-breed security leading products.

Enterprise products

To deal with the challenging IT threats in enterprise sector, TitanWALL was being introduced early in year 2013. TitanWALL is a Network Security + Anti-Virus Functionality + Firewall integrated within an appliance that comes with Dual Anti-Virus Signature Databases and Dual Anti-Virus engines powered by Kaspersky and TECH TITAN Sdn Bhd (1021855-V). It offers ultra-high performance, deep packet inspection and it blocks the latest attack variances which include virus, worm, spyware and many other malware types effectively. TitanWALL with its dynamic update service presents the fastest response time in the industry to deter the evolving security threats before business are affected.


Consumer products

TECH TITAN USB Anti-Virus is the company’s flagship product launched in year 2012. It is a unique anti-virus solution specifically designed to be installed in and executed from USB flash drive. Powered by Kaspersky Lab, TECH TITAN USB Anti-Virus is the most powerful portable security solution that you can carry with you anywhere you go. More Info
TECH TITAN Data Force 1, the latest flagship product of the company, is a USB ciphering and anti-virus dongle that not only transparently encrypts data but also protects data to be stored in any USB MSC drives, which include Blue-Ray Disc, DVD, CD-R, USB flash drive, hard disk or a flash card inserted into a card reader. It seamlessly protects your data with AES-256 hardware-based encryption certified by US NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology) and Canada CSE (Communications Security Establishment). More Info

Computer Peripherals. TECH TITAN Sdn Bhd (1021855-V) provides a wide assortment of premium accessories to enhance the performance of your laptop, PC and other digital devices. Whether you need a power bank to charge your mobile devices on the go, read different kinds of flash memory cards with card readers, enjoy the immersive entertainment experience with headphones or others, we have something for your needs. TECH TITAN peripherals are indeed your trusted computer peripherals. More Info


To become the worldwide renowned IT Security solution provider that delivers the most reliable and premium products to corporate and home users.


To improve customers’ satisfaction from time to time by creating an airtight security environment which promises confidentiality, integrity and availability to the corporate and home users.