Adaptive Authentication

Strengthen identity security without burdening users – evaluate the risk of every access attempt

Unfortunately, we live in a world today where attackers are increasingly figuring out ways around traditional authentication methods, putting organizations at risk. To proactively address this challenge, organizations are turning to adaptive authentication or risk-based authentication for answers.

Security that minimizes user disruptions

Adaptive authentication provides additional security without impacting usability. That’s because risk checks automatically take place without users even being aware. Multi-factor authentication is only required if risks are detected.

Layers of security improve effectiveness

SecureAuth IdP analyzes multiple factors of your authentication request – device, location, IP address, behavior, and account – to determine the legitimacy of every login attempt, thwart attacks in process, and prevent your organization from becoming the next breach headline.

Frictionless security

Because adaptive authentication works in the background, your users don’t even know it is taking place, minimizing interruptions and ensuring broad adoption.

Authentication without annoyance

In 2017, SecureAuth processed over 617 million authentications. Because of adaptive authentication risk checks, 90% did not need an additional multi-factor authentication step, thereby significantly improving user experience.

Grow identity confidence

Access requests are evaluated against the industry’s most advanced risk checks – device, location, IP address, behavior, account type, and many more. With SecureAuth, you can be confident that only authorized users receive access.

Tailor the authentication process

Control access based on risk appetite and tolerance – deny, require a password reset, require additional authentication – you decide.

Moving beyond two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is important to implement, however, by itself it is simply not adequate to protect against today’s emerging threats. Best practices call for additional layers of identity security to protect access. SecureAuth offers the industry’s most advanced risk checks to enhance the security of users.

Unmatched capabilities

As major analyst firms have stated, no other adaptive authentication vendor has as many risk checks, meaning only SecureAuth can effectively minimize your threat surface while also presenting the least amount of friction for you and your users.

Solution brief

Attackers are evolving and figuring out ways to bypass traditional two-factor authentication, learn how you can leverage adaptive authentication to proactively protect your organization.

Analyst report

KuppingerCole rates SecureAuth one of the highest vendors for adaptive authentication – “As a pure play adaptive authentication product, SecureAuth is one of the most compelling choices.”


Passwords and two-factor authentication alone might not be enough to keep cyber attackers away as breaches rose 44% again in 2017. Watch this video to understand how you can better protect access while also improving user experience.

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