Multi-Factor Authentication

Gain choice and flexibility with the most advanced multi-factor authentication solution

Passwords alone are no longer effective. In today’s increasingly hostile environments, multi-factor authentication is a foundational piece in maintaining an organizations identity security.

Only interrupt users if risk present.

With SecureAuth, organizations never have to compromise security for user experience – we enable the best of both. Through the use of multiple risk checks, SecureAuth only forces a multi-factor authentication step if risk is identified. Of the 617 million authentications processed by the company in 2017, 90% did not require an additional step.

More multi-factor authentication. More choice & flexibility.

As verified by leading industry analyst firms, SecureAuth offers the most methods of all multi-factor authentication vendors. Our 25+ methods range from SMS, telephony, and email one-time passcodes (OTPs), to push notifications, USB keys, and push-to-accept. All identities and risks are not equal, but with so many multi-factor authentication options organizations can easily meet the secure authentication needs of all of its stakeholders.

Two-Factor authentication is foundational. Additional security is needed.

Increasingly, attackers are figuring out how to bypass many two-factor authentication methods. It is a best practice to implement additional layers of identity security to protect access. SecureAuth offers the industry’s most advanced risk-based authentication to enhance security without introducing friction for users.

Shed the password.

Because of our extensive risk checks, coupled with multi-factor authentication choices, SecureAuth provides the confidence to move toward a world without passwords.

Most multi-factor authentication method choices

25+ different options provide flexibility, while improving security without becoming burdensome to users.

Customized workflows ensure appropriate security

Only SecureAuth allows different workflows to be created for varying users, groups, or applications – allowing you to situationally determine whether to step up or step down security based on risk profiles and the value and sensitivity of assets being accessed.

Best breach protection

Adding multiple risk checks to supplement identity protection increases the chance of proactively avoiding a breach. Boost identity security with risk-based authentication.

Solution brief

Learn more about blending multi-factor and adaptive authentication, single sign-on, and self-service tools to protect your users. SecureAuth IdP offers the industry’s greatest identity security while providing a user experience that only requires a multi-factor authentication step if risk present.

White paper

The password no longer has value, so why do we continue to use it as our primary authentication method? Learn how you can shed passwords while increasing identity security, improving users experience, and decreasing helpdesk costs.


The popular and easy to use ‘Push-to-Accept’ multi-factor authentication method can actually pose a risk to your organization. Learn about a new solution that is just as easy but without all the risks – ‘Symbol-to-Accept’

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