User Self-Service

Reduce help desk call volume

Now more than ever, users demand immediate results from technology, particularly when dealing with a 24 x 7 global workforce. Waiting for the help desk to address account lock-outs or password resets ties-up valuable staff with menial tasks and makes users unproductive.

Empower users

Ensure users stay productive wherever they are by empowering users to self-service:

  • Password resets
  • Account lock-outs
  • Profile updates
  • Device enrollments
Unburden help desk staff

30%-60% of help desk calls address password resets. Many more involve account lock-outs, profile updates and device enrollments for multi-factor authentication programs. Self-service tools help preserve help desk staff for higher-value tasks.

Reduce help desk costs

With help desk call costs estimated between $10-$50 for each ticket, it’s no surprise that reducing call volume can have significant bottom-line returns for any organization.

Increase productivity and decrease costs with self-service

Burying help desk staff with requests from frustrated users can be a thing of the past when your organization implements self-service tools to keep users productive.

Self-service can improve technology adoption

Because it is easy for users to self-register and enroll their devices, you will see quicker adoption of multi-factor authentication.

Cost impact of self service

Organizations can reduce help desk calls by 50% simply by introducing user self-service tools.

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