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IT Modernization Starts Here1


Speed enterprise deployment and simplify operations with the IT infrastructure built to accelerate digital transformation and help you achieve better business outcomes.

Flexible. Automated. Simple. Agile.


Respond quicker to business needs with a simplified, standardized platform that is easy to manage – with less risk.


Take advantage of the most open converged and hyperconverged systems for flexibility, agility, simplicity and ease of scale.


Quickly provision resources with end-to-end management and orchestration at lower cost, with high levels of agility and speed.


Amplify innovation possibilities with next-generation, simplified, hyperconverged systems

Transform your IT enterprise with hyperconverged

The hyperconverged Hitachi Unified Compute Platform HC (UCP HC) solves key customer challenges and ushers in better business productivity.

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform HC Series
  • Transform to the simple, scalable, easy-to-manage hyperconverged infrastructure, powered by VMware vSAN
  • Within minutes, easily deploy your hyperconverged UCP HC system with cloudlike agility

Boost flexibility with a highly configurable, highly available converged infrastructure approach

Gain your competitive edge with converged systems

Streamline your infrastructure for organizational agility and efficiency to achieve digital business success.

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform CI Series
  • With our most flexible converged infrastructure system, scale compute and storage independently, and support and host multiple environments
  • Support your applications, with scale-up and scale-out environments across multiple data centers

Gain new levels of agility and speed time to innovation with a turnkey software-defined system

Simplify hybrid cloud – with agility and control

Explore how our rack-system offering, Hitachi Unified Compute Platform RS (UCP RS) can help you innovate faster and move business ahead.

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform RS Series
  • Simplify your hybrid cloud with an agile and secure software-defined data center, powered by VMware Cloud Foundation
  • Accelerate business application development and delivery and easily scale to meet growing business requirements

Move to an integrated orchestration and automation approach to quickly respond to business needs and reduce risk

Digital metamorphosis requires new thinking

Explore the digital transformation challenges faced by IT leaders, and learn why the right IT automation strategy is key.

Converged Management Software
  • Automated, unified, intelligent, converged infrastructure management spans the Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) family
  • Simplify deployments, automate IT, reduce risk and improve efficiency across the UCP portfolio
Hitachi Cloud Automation Suite
  • Transform and modernize your data center to deliver the best ROI on your cloud investment
  • Rely on a proven solution for complete virtualization and better data security in an open environment
Hitachi Automation Director
  • Simplify storage provisioning operations with automated management workflows that improve IT productivity and increase service-level objectives
  • Quickly deploy new technologies and services that accelerate time to market with lower costs and TCO


Get on the Path to Better Business Outcomes

Flexible, automated, simple and agile: that’s the modern IT foundation for the future enterprise – today.

Can Hyperconverged Systems Transform Your Enterprise?

Learn why hyperconverged systems are driving the next-generation enterprise.

Move to Faster Digital Transformation

Streamline IT modernization with converged and hyperconverged Infrastructure.

Simplify Your Infrastructure Operations

Move to smarter converged and hyperconverged infrastructure management.

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