Secure Bank

Secure Bank

Client-side fraud and attack prevention across sessions, platforms and devices

Detect threats invisible to traditional transactional anti-fraud

Money laundering

Illegal cashing out networks | Tax evasion | AML non-compliance

Get a clear understanding of relationships between accounts and other entities to discover suspicious funds transactions.

Identity theft

Account takeover | New account fraud | Bot activity

Detect the usage of stolen account credentials with advanced user behaviour analytics and device fingerprinting.

Payment fraud

Credit fraud | Card-not-present fraud | Malicious web-injections

Secure your electronic payment environment and protect user’s credit card information.

PC & mobile malware

Pharming | Botnets | Web-scraping | Trojans & Web-fakes

Catch banking trojans with patented clientless malware detection technology.

Social engineering attacks

Email scams | Phishing | Targeted attacks

Defend against online scams and prevent data leakage with global user profiling and threat intelligence stack.

Cross channel/client attacks

E-commerce | Mobile | Web

Protect users across web and mobile channels, including e-commerce and other third-party platforms.

  • At the sign-in

    perform instant user security check-up
    identify bots and automated attacks
    detect anomalies in user behaviour

  • During the session

    eliminate blind spots in traditional anti‑fraud
    reduce false positives, enhancing user experience
    prevent evasion of two-factor authentication
    send real time notification to anti-fraud via API

  • For further analysis

    get full visibility into attacks schemes
    understand global user profile to investigate
    money laundering and tax evasion schemes
    adapt and enhance your protection with advanced rule engine

Catch any threat with full stack of anti-fraud technologies

Combining several technologies Secure Bank is more than the sum of its parts — it speeds up detection and enhances accuracy while giving context for response and investigation.

Behavioural analytics (UEBA)

Detects: money laundering, social engineering, account takeover, credit fraud, auto account creation and automated actions, bot activity

Using machine learning technologies we continuously analyze user profile based on what is happening during the session (typical scenario of legitimate user vs fraudster) and how the user behaves (bio-chronometrics with number of criteria: velocity & navigation, mouse movement, keystrokes, typing cadence, delays etc). This allows us to identify against previous sessions if a legitimate user or fraudster is logged in.

Advanced Device Fingerprinting

Detects: identity theft, usage of anonymizers and aggregators, money laundering, cross-client attacks

Inside our device fingerprinting technology wide range of algorithms analyses the same set of parameters to provide advanced dynamic analysis. It allows to differentiate normal device evolution (OS, browser updates etc) from suspicious changes. Precise fingerprinting can be also applied to investigate money laundering and illegal cashing out networks when several accounts are used from the same device even when TOR, proxy or «anonymizers» are applied. Advanced device fingerprinting allows to highlight malicious activity across separate clients.

Clientless Malware Detection

Detects: trojans (including mobile and web-fakes), unsanctioned remote access, web-injects («man-in-the-browser» attacks), cross-channel attacks, social engineering, bot activity, brute force, web-scraping

Patented clientless detection allows Secure Bank to identify infected client devices without impacting client experience as no installation is required. We catch PC and mobile trojans (including those using web-fakes), web-injects, remote access and social engineering cases. For each case we give wide context, collect injects, C&Cs, and other data to investigate attacks.

Group-IB Threat Intelligence

Detects: newest types of fraud, attacks during preparation, early phishing detection

We integrate Group-IB Threat Intelligence (recognized among the top by IDC, Gartner, Forrester) data on threat actors, malware intelligence, malicious IPs and compromised data (logins, passwords, bank cards) into Secure Bank. This allows us to track campaigns, identify web-injects (man-in-the-browser attacks) and actors to give additional insights and actionable intelligence to anti-fraud and cyber security teams.

Global User Profiling

Detects: new account fraud, money laundering, social engineering

By cross-referencing anonymized data, Secure Bank creates global user profiles across different online banking channels. This gives us understanding of affinities between users, accounts and sessions to identify good vs bad users with less friction and higher accuracy rates. Our unique threat intelligence stack and Secure Bank analysis on other client identifiers allow us to detect hidden threats and suspicious connections.

Advanced Rule Engine

Advanced Rule Engine allows to adopt existing rules or create new ones to fight with fraudsters schemes, specific to your business. You can create your own risk score model, enhance it to stay effective in a changing environment.

JavaScript module

As a JavaScript module, Secure Bank is loaded into the source code of each web page that you want to protect. It collects control data of each visitor to the webpage, such as what browser is in use, browser plugins, cursor movement, device information and other non-confidential data in order to create a unique fingerprint of each client visiting your page.

Mobile SDK

Secure Bank can be deployed via a Software Development Kit, that is easily integrated with customer mobile applications. Its anti-fraud functionality allows to identify mobile devices and discover malicious apps on Android and iOS.

Cross-Channel Analytics

Detects: cross-channel attacks, card-not-present fraud (CNP)

Secure Bank protects users across web and mobile channels via JavaScript and mobile SDKs. This gives us the capacity to also detect a wide range of cross channel attacks, including attacks on third party platforms such as e‑commerce where card not present fraud may take place, as our script can be integrated into 3‑D Secure pages.

Why leading financial organizations choose Secure Bank


All scripts, traffic and data is encrypted to avoid interception by third parties. We do not collect and process personal data and other confidential information. All the infrastructure could be deployed at customer site.


Dedicated Group-IB anti-fraud analyst and incident response capabilities backed up by a team of world-class forensics experts and leading Threat Intelligence Platform recognized by Gartner, IDC and Forrester.


Deployed instantly across the entire client base without affecting performance, either as a JavaScript for traditional browser usage, or via SDK on mobile devices – no installation for end-user.

Easy to integrate

Zero client requirements for installation. Already integrated with leading anti-fraud systems such as: RSA, SAS, Intellinx, GBG Predator.


Web interface to get detailed reports and rich context on detected threats, create graphics and analyze fraud dynamics.


Secure Bank functionality might be customized and adjusted to focus on your high priority issues with ability to create rules fitting your company risk tolerance.

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