Management Platform

Management Platform

Monitoring & Management for Array Products

Managing a network has never been more complex, as IT managers grapple with ever-present attacks, changing requirements from constituents, compliance with regulations, and the complexity of network infrastructure.

With the Array Management Platform (AMP), managers have instant insight into user behaviors for analysis and audit purposes, as well as device and service status for at-a-glance visualization of trends and performance issues.

AMP provides a centralized user interface for IT staff to monitor, manage, configure and update Array load balancers and SSL VPNs running as dedicated appliances, or as virtual appliances running on common hypervisors.

Visibility where You Need It

Array products occupy a unique space in the network. Array SSL VPNs operate at the critical juncture where the network meets the user, a.k.a. the outside world. Similarly, Array load balancers are typically deployed in front of application servers that are critical to business operations.

AMP provides deep visibility into SSL VPN user behaviors, right down to the access device make and model, for audit, analysis and forensics uses. Service visibility via Array load balancers helps quickly identify performance issues that can impact user experience and efficiency.

In addition, AMP provides streamlined management, configuration and updating of managed Array devices, all from a central point of control.

Array AMP for Monitoring & Management

Deep Visibility

Get a real-time view of user behaviors for audit, analysis and forensics purposes, as well as device and service statuses for at-a-glance visualization of trends and performance issues. History logs provide the ability to ‘look back’ if needed.

Streamlined Management

Manage multiple Array devices in local or distributed data centers from a central point of control. View and apply licenses as needed, and access devices’ management consoles, all through a convenient dashboard.

Configure & Update with Ease

AMP automatically backs up configurations of managed devices, and templates can be created and edited from the stored files, then applied to one or more devices. Compliance checking analyzes and displays differences.

Task Management

Many operations performed through AMP are performed in asynchronous mode and completed in the background. If a task is interrupted for any reason, AMP automatically restarts it when resources again become available.

AMP Specifications
Managed Devices Hypervisors VM Requirements
Manages up to 100 combined APV, vAPV, AG and vxAG appliances Runs on CentOS on VMware or KVM Minimum 4 vCPUs, 1 Virtual Network Adapter, 4GB RAM, 64GB Disk

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