InfoWatch Traffic Monitor is an integrated solution for preventing confidential data leaks and thus eliminating financial losses.

Precise data classification and secure storage

Data monitoring and alaysis including complex data formats (drawings, blueprints, design documentation, etc.)

Focus on your business needs (ERP, CRM, messaging and other business apps supported)

Data protection on various devices (mobile, workstation virtual environment)

How it works


Detect suspicious events to reveal data leaks and employee misconduct


Use analysis tools to detect sensitive data in the flow of events, with category and topic being identified automatically

Make decisions

Respond according to your corporate policies (get alerts or block processes) and define severity of each threat

Keep evidence

Store all events in a single archive as an evidence base for incident investigations

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor is a powerful high-performance solution capable of covering organizations of 300,000+ people with a single web-based interface to keep tracking from any device (Windows, Linux, macOS).

With a single user-friendly interface you get:


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