Kaspersky Plus


Security. Performance. Privacy. All in one easy-to-use app.


New for 2022, Kaspersky Plus offers next-generation cybersecurity to protect you against new viruses, ransomware, and malware – without slowing you down. Also includes payment protection, password manager, and Unlimited VPN to keep your digital life private and safe.


  • Advanced security with anti-phishing and firewall included.
  • Performance optimisation tools enhanced by HDD health monitoring.
  • Privacy features including Unlimited VPN and password manager.


Compatible with: Windows®, macOS®, Android™, iOS®

Please note we do not support the beta versions/previews of new operating systems. Only final, officially released operating systems are supported by the product.


  1. If you’re using Windows 11/10, you might need to download & install all available patches for your Kaspersky security software. Product is not intended to operate on Windows 11/10 Mobile/S/Education/IoT Core editions.
  2. Some product features may not work on 64-bit operating systems. Please visit https://support.kaspersky.com/15781 to get more details.
  3. The Kaspersky Plus for Android functionality may currently be limited on certain devices. Please visit https://support.kaspersky.com/help/Kaspersky/Android_knownissues/en-US/195522.htm for more details.

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