Mobile App Protection Suite (MAPS)

Mobile App Protection Suite (MAPS)

Secure Your iOS and Android Mobile Apps

Mobile applications drive growth and productivity. To deliver this value, they store, process, and transmit vast amounts of confidential information and access critical backend systems. The app’s source code, data, and crypto keys together make this possible. But all these components are vulnerable to static and dynamic inspection by bad actors and on-device runtime abuse by malware and hostile environments.

Organizations offering iOS or Android apps need a comprehensive, layered mobile app protection strategy to protect confidential data, intellectual property, and the customers they serve. This approach must also be practical for developers and should:

  • Not cause significant development delays,
  • Be easily implemented,
  • Not affect app performance,
  • Keep pace with rapidly evolving threats.

“Through 2022, mobile application security failures will be the biggest mobile threat for enterprises.”

– The Gartner “Avoid Mobile Application Security Pitfalls” Report (Refreshed 27 January 2022, Published 27 July 2020; Dionisio Zumerle)

Mobile App Vulnerabilities & Risks Can Lead To

Enterprise Mobile App Protection Throughout the App’s Lifecycle

During Development

Mobile app development teams are focused on getting features and functionality delivered quickly. But they also need to minimize vulnerabilities and secure critical assets.

MAPS Application Security Capabilities:

  • Continuously identifies security and compliance risks in your binaries
  • Quickly isolates vulnerable code and provides recommendations for easy fixing
  • Integrates directly into the existing development process

Once Published

Organizations need to prevent attackers and hackers from trying to reverse engineer the app, find vulnerabilities, steal data, and more.

MAPS Application Security Capabilities:

  • Protects app source code with code obfuscation and app shielding
  • Provides visibility into and response to tampering attempts
  • Protects encryption keys with world leading white-box cryptography

On End-User Devices

When used on unknown devices, mobile apps can encounter vulnerable operating systems, unsecured networks, malware, and more. Mobile apps need protections from these widely-varying potential risks.

MAPS Application Security Capabilities:

  • Continuously monitors for threats
  • Enables the mobile app to proactively protect itself and take pre-configured actions
  • Provides protection even without a network connection
  • Allows in-app security updates to be made in real-time without publishing a new version

A Platform Approach to Mobile App Protection

Mobile application risks start in development and persist throughout the app’s entire lifecycle, including when running on an end user’s device. Zimperium’s Mobile Application Protection Suite consists of four products with a centralized dashboard to view threats and create response policies. It is the only unified platform that combines centralized visibility with comprehensive in-app protection, combining both inside-out and outside-in security approaches to help enterprises build and maintain secure mobile apps.

  • zScan: Discover and fix compliance, privacy, and security issues within the development process before you publicly release your apps.
  • zKeyBox: Protect confidential data by securing cryptographic keys with white-box cryptography so they cannot be discovered, extracted, or manipulated.
  • zShield: Harden and protect the app with advanced obfuscation and anti-tampering functionality to protect the source code, intellectual property (IP), and data within the application.
  • zDefend: Enable the mobile application to detect and proactively protect itself by taking actions on the end user’s device, even without network connectivity.

Why Zimperium MAPS for Enterprise Mobile App Security


Comprehensive Protection
with Machine Learning

Ensure Internal &
External Compliance

Optimized For Size
and Performance



“We needed to rebuild and relaunch our apps quickly and efficiently. MAPS provided a one-stop-shop approach to identifying security, privacy, and compliance risks during app development and protecting/monitoring apps from attacks while in use. As impressive, Zimperium’s knowledge, responsiveness, and genuine care are exceptional.”

– SVP of Application Development, North American Banking Company

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