Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring and Reporting

Transform Application Traffic Into Actionable Intelligence

Array’s Monitoring and Reporting System (MARS) transforms data from Array application delivery controllers into actionable intelligence that helps IT improve application availability, performance and security. In addition, MARS provides insights into application traffic and end-user activity that can inform and optimize business decisions.

MARS provides granular visibility to application traffic generated by Array ADCs, giving IT staff continuously updated information on traffic patterns server responsiveness, application latency, connection errors, SSL versions and cypher suites and more. Graphical representations of user, application and server behavior enable quick identification of potential problems, and historical views provide a look back at trends over time.

Default dashboards can be customized to the unique requirements of any organization. In addition, dashboards statistic can be searched, filtered and exported, and alerts can be generated based on IT-defined metrics. Whether supporting a single load balancer or a fleet, MARS provides a powerful tool for extracting maximum value from application traffic.

Plug & Play Visibility to Application Traffic

SSL Traffic Dashboard

  • Gain visibility to SSL versions and cypher suites for encrypted application traffic
  • Monitor success and failure statistics for SSL handshakes and drill down to determine top causes for failed SSL transactions
  • Associate SSL versions and cypher suites with specific client IPs to identify and remediate non-compliant end points for consistent, up-to-date security

HTTP Response Codes Dashboard

  • Provides an at-a-glance overview of success and error codes for active virtual IPs, allowing real-time application health monitoring
  • View real IPs associated with specific response codes, or view response codes associated with specific real IPs, and use timelines to further diagnose and pinpoint potential anomalies
  • Quickly identify and address unresponsive services to ensure uninterrupted application availability

Server Delay Dashboard

  • Understand end-user response times for URLs and real IPs
  • Determine which URLs and real IPs experience the longest delays
  • Sort each result by average delay or maximum delay over a specified time period
  • Apply additional resources to ensure an optimal end-user experience if delay for any URL or real IP exceed predetermined thresholds

Cache Results Dashboard

  • Discover how end-users interact with your company’s applications and Web content
  • Visualize which URLs and real IPs are requested most often, and gain insight into which end-users are most active on any given URL or real IP
  • Highly-trafficked URLs and real IPs can be identified to ensure proper resource allocation, while unusual statistics can highlight traffic patterns that warrant further investigation
  • Use insights about the products and services that resonate with customers to optimize sales and marketing strategies

App Delivery Early-Warning System
Alerts & Notifications

Within the Alerts dashboard, admins can view alerts by source type, event type, device and severity. In addition, admins can set parameters and thresholds for alerts and receive email notifications when events meet or exceed predefined thresholds. Using the Alerts dashboard notification capability, potential challenges can be identified and remediated before they have the chance to negatively impact operations.

Intuitive & Customizable

MARS is both intuitive and highly customizable. Admins can drill down and generate filtered views based on metrics such as real IPs, URLs, response codes and SSL versions and cypher suites. Dashboards are searchable and can be configured to display metrics in terms of user-defined time intervals, and custom views can be created to suit individual preferences by adding, deleting, sizing and dragging and dropping widgets from the system library.

Monitor a Single Appliance or an ADC Fleet
MARS Basic

Monitoring and Reporting System

Monitors and reports on up to 8 Array ADC appliances, with standard dashboards for easy visualization of performance, errors, user behaviors and more. Runs in standard VMware environments or Array’s AVX Series Network Functions Platforms.

MARS Advanced

Monitoring and Reporting System

Monitors and reports on up to 32 Array ADC appliances, with standard dashboards for easy visualization of performance, errors, user behaviors and more. Provides reports and allows modifications to dashboards. Runs in standard VMware environments.

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