Edge Protection

The First Line of Defense
Multi-stage, Multi-layer Attacks

Hillstone Edge Protection Solutions

Reimagine Perimeter Defense

For many corporations, the enterprise edge is the first line of defense against ongoing threats. As part of Hillstone’s comprehensive portfolio of security products our Edge Protection solutions provide top-of-the-line protection against multi-stage, multi-layer attacks. Our Edge Protection products help mitigate infrastructure breaches that expose sensitive user and corporate data, as well as the threat to operations from ransomware.


Built on a future-ready platform, Hillstone’s NGFW solutions blend blazing high-performance with advanced threat protection and intelligent policy operation. And Hillstone NIPs provides flexible deployment options for both inline and passive deployment modes, leveraging application-awareness for one of the highest detection accuracy rates in the industry without sacrificing performance.


Our edge product suite provides industry-leading protection with a superior TCO. With expansion capabilities that extend both networking connectivity and storage capacity, Hillstone’s edge protection line scales from small branches to large campuses to carrier-class multi-tenant data centers.

Hillstone’s Family of Next-Generation Firewalls and Network Intrusion Prevention Products

Future-Ready Next-Generation Firewalls

Hillstone’s future-ready firewalls provide edge protection within physical networks providing high-performance with advanced threat protection and intelligent policy operation.

Data Center Next-Generation Firewalls

Hillstone’s data center NGFW offer outstanding performance, reliability, and scalability, for high-speed service providers, large enterprises and carrier networks.

Network Intrusion Prevention System

Hillstone Network-based IPS (NIPS) appliance operates in-line, and at wire speed, performing deep packet inspection, and assembling inspection of all network traffic.

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