Core Network Insight

Core Network Insight provides network traffic analysis to reveal critical threats in real time on any device within your infrastructure. Multiple detection engines provide definitive evidence and pinpoint the specific location of an infection, enabling security teams to respond efficiently, rapidly reduce dwell time, and prevent loss.


Quickly pinpoint the specific location of critical threats. No experience required.


Leverage machine learning and multiple detection engines from day one. No baseline required.


Quickly reveal any blindspots by using agentless technology to monitor every connected device.

What is Network Traffic Analysis?

Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) is a category of cybersecurity that involves observing network traffic communications, using analytics to discover patterns and monitor for potential threats. With a NTA tool like Network Insight, organizations can reduce their attack surface, maximize visibility into their environments, and benefit from early detection of ransomware and other malicious entities.

NTA solutions typically include a few key capabilities:


1. Traffic Observation

Instead of monitoring specific assets or the network itself, these security solutions constantly watch network traffic, creating a picture of what normal traffic patterns look like.


2. Anomaly Detection

With a baseline developed, NTA tools can then flag traffic abnormalities as possible security threats.


3. Threat Investigation

Though there are multiple approaches to this, NTA tools should have some degree of analysis of anomalies to determine whether it’s a harmless abnormality, or a true threat.

How Does Network Insight Work?


With network traffic monitoring, Network Insight observes device behavior in real time. It is continually capturing and correlating evidence using multiple detection engines to arrive at a verdict of “suspected” or “infected.”


The Case Analyzer, a context aware network traffic analysis and threat intelligence engine, confirms the infection, and a series of risk profilers assess and prioritize the infection based on the determined risk level.


Security response teams receive actionable alerts with definitive evidence and specific locations of threats for swift remediation. Recommended actions are provided to give additional guidance for further efficiency.

Key Features

Threat Intelligence

Core Security’s threat intelligence database includes more than 15 years of evidence collected from observing billions of DNS requests a day, thousands of malware samples, and nearly 100 billion domains. In addition to the accumulated surveillance, Network Insight monitors many behaviors indicative of infected devices, including domain fluxing, DNS tunneling, sandboxing, and deep packet inspection.

Alerting and Integrations

Network Insight can pair together with other tools to maximize cybersecurity. Instantly notify response teams via SIEM, SYSLOG, or email. Create tickets automatically in systems like Service Now or Jira Service Desk. Shorten remediation times by integrating with enterprise infrastructures like Checkpoint, Palo Alto, or Carbon Black.

Extensive Reporting

Generate network traffic analysis report types for different audiences with all the information you need. Get overall summaries in executive reports, in-depth details with incident responses, and evaluate your organization’s infection management with infection lifecycle reports.

Personalized Dashboards

Get visibility into Network Insight’s findings using the intuitive interface and dark mode enabled dashboards. These dashboards can be tailored to provide visual displays of findings, threats, and status updates. Get insights from critical data, including currently infected assets, average infection age, riskiest infected assets, and newly infected assets.

What Sets Network Insight Apart?

Corroborates Evidence So You Don’t Have To
Network Insight automatically detects, analyzes, and confirms infections in real time, eliminating the need to conduct deep threat investigation or dedicate staff to sift through meaningless alerts. Recommended actions are provided based on this definitive evidence to ensure efficient remediation.


Completes Analysis Using Multiple Advanced Detection Engines 
Unlike most threat solutions, Network Insight leverages multiple detection engines rather than relying on a single baseline. With engines focused on analyzing behavior, content, payload, threat intelligence, and more, you’re provided with an unmatched level of confidence when you receive an alert from Network Insight.


Monitors Every Connected Device
Most security products only protect a fraction of all endpoints or require an agent to be installed, leaving far too many high-end IoT and other devices unwatched. Network Insight is agentless as well as OS and platform agnostic, covering any and every device in your network.

Unmatched Threat Detection

Detect everything from the latest threats to enduring and dangerous infections like:





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