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Hillstone Security Management Solutions

Centralized Analytics and Automation

One of Hillstone’s key strengths is a comprehensive suite that provides end-to-end coverage for an enterprise, from branch to cloud. This integrated security architecture works closely with our Security Management suite, that provides management, centralized analytics and automation to help improve global visibility and reduce operational expenses.


Hillstone’s Security Management brings together a unified view that provides comprehensive visibility to see what’s going on across the enterprise, from edge to cloud, as well as intelligence to understand the nature of the threat surface. Our management solutions use these insights, in conjunction with our Edge, Cloud, Server and Application Protection products to act in real-time to mitigate and stop ongoing attacks.

Hillstone’s Family of Security Management Products


Hillstone iSource is a data-driven, AI-powered XDR platform that integrates massive security data, correlates and investigates incidents, identifies potential threats, and automatically orchestrates security to respond cohesively across multiple security products and platforms.


Hillstone’s Security Management Platform (HSM) enhances network security by allowing businesses to segment their networks into multiple virtual domains.


Hillstone’s Network Security Audit Platform (HSA) collects and collates logs and transforms log data into usable security intelligence with split-second granular searches.


Hillstone CloudView is a cloud-based security management and analytics platform which provides SaaS security services across Hillstone NGFW, NIPS, and CloudEdge.


Hillstone License Management System (LMS) is a dedicated license management solution for virtual network function deployment such as Hillstone CloudEdge and virtual ADC.

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