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Whether you have private data centers, use colocation services or use a 3rd party cloud provider to store your corporate information, you need to know your data is secure throughout its lifecycle—especially when it’s time for you to remove your storage assets from the secure data center facility. From end-of-life drives and servers, to active files, virtual machines and logical storage area networks, you can achieve data sanitization across all your IT assets with software-based data erasure.


Blancco offers the most globally-certified data erasure software available. Our software has been tested, certified, approved and recommended by 15+ governing bodies around the world and erases to 25+ standards to meet security and regulatory compliance requirements. No other data security firm can boast this level of compliance with the most rigorous requirements set by government agencies, legal authorities and independent testing laboratories.

Until now, enterprise data centers have been forced to implement manual and time-consuming decommissioning processes and destroy or store valuable HDDs and SSDs to comply with internal and external compliance requirements. With Blancco Data Center Eraser, you no longer have to sacrifice operational efficiency to meet auditor demands. We provide the only solution designed to scale your operations into a simple, single process for asset decommissioning with the most trusted data erasure software and hardware appliances. Now, data center managers can fast-track data center decommissioning projects through simultaneous erasure of servers once your lease is up. Securely overwrite loose or failed drives by connecting them to our stand-alone hardware appliance so you can avoid manufacturer fees or recoup value, and target a logical storage volume, or erase all drives in a storage array when it comes time to resell or reuse your cabinet. Every erasure comes with a tamper-proof certificate containing the information you need to prove you’ve met data sanitization regulations and industry standards. To explore how Blancco Data Eraser solution can help you optimize, automate and monitor decommissioning operations, contact us today.

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Don’t Sacrifice Operational Efficiency for the Sake of Security and Compliance


To adhere to data sanitization best practices, you must erase or destroy the data stored on memory devices to within your data center and verify there is no usable residual data, even with the use of advanced forensic tools. At the same time, you want to achieve these security and compliance goals without sacrificing compliance. With Blancco, you receive the broadest range of data erasure solutions across drives, servers, files, virtual images and LUNs, so you can prove data sanitization with an auditable 100% tamper-proof report for every erasure instance. These auditable reports ensure you’ll meet data sanitization requirements within any global data protection regulation. In addition, these easy-to-use tools require few resources, leading to more operational efficiencies for your data center.

Real-Time Erasure in Active Environments


Customer requests and data privacy requirements require you to erase data in active environments. But you also need to avoid downtime at all costs. It may seem nearly impossible do both, but with Blancco Data Eraser solutions, including Blancco File Eraser, you can create policy-based erasure activities on files and folders to remove individual files to prove compliance. You can also erase logical units in a SAN or virtual infrastructures in real-time, active environments.

Server & RMA Drive Decommissioning


If you lease or own drives or servers that reach end-of-life and need to be reused or returned, you need a secure way to wipe assets before they leave your data center. But simply wiping them isn’t enough. it’s critical that the data is completely erased and you that have easy access to reporting to prove it was removed to specific standards. With Blancco Drive Eraser and Blancco Hardware Solutions, you can easily and securely erase every drive with customizable and auditable reports to achieve compliance. Hundreds of drives can be erased simultaneously and managed remotely from the Blancco Management Console, freeing up precious data center resources.

Professional Services

Blancco’s Professional Services team is able to provide your organization with best practice and operational support that is finely tuned, leveraging over 20 years’ experience working with our global customers in over 30 countries. Our Blancco Certified Engineers offer a wide range of services to help our customers maximize the effectiveness of our market-leading solutions within various customer environments. Below is a list of common services we provide.


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Professional Services provided by Blancco:


  • Deployment, installation and upgrade services
    • Blancco product implementation planning and installation
    • Network booting environment (PXE booting) configuration
    • Updating existing Blancco environment
  • Custom training
    • Customized product training
    • Blancco Certified Engineer training
  • Process optimization
    • Mobile Erasure process optimization (custom workflows)
    • Server/PC volume erasure production line optimization
    • Evaluation and deployment of remote erasure options and process
    • Data Center erasure process optimization for both loose drives, Servers and SANs, including solution configuration
    • Integration with third party systems (two-way communication)
  • Erasure-as-a-Service
    • Onsite erasure services

Key Features

One console to manage data erasure across every IT asset

Digitally signed, tamper-proof reporting

Flexible and user-friendly interface

Comprehensive reporting

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