Cobalt Strike

Cobalt Strike

Replicate the tactics and techniques of an embedded advanced adversary.

Threat Emulation Software for Adversary Simulations and Red Team Operations

Cobalt Strike is a threat emulation tool, ideal for mimicking an advanced, stealthy threat actor that’s been embedded in an IT environment long-term. Cobalt Strike’s post-exploitation agents and collaboration capabilities ensure effective Adversary Simulations and Red Team operations. Challenge Blue Teams and measure incident response with malleable C2, which allow network indicators to imitate different malware and social engineering processes to strengthen security operations for measuring your security program and incident response capabilities.


Use Beacon, Cobalt Strike’s post-exploitation payload, to control your target’s network, all while remaining undetected.


Red Teams can use a shared team server to collaborate on realistic attacks and generate thorough reports to document all post-exploitation activities.


Users can not only modify built-in scripts and write their own, they can also create and share their extensions in the Community Kit.

Upfront Pricing

New Cobalt Strike licenses cost $5,900 per user for a one-year license. To get more information about the purchase process, including the required vetting process, request a quote and one of our experts will reach out to answer any additional questions.

Bundle Cobalt Strike with Other Offensive Tools

Build out your offensive security portfolio by pairing Cobalt Strike with our other proactive solutions at a discounted rate.

In the Advanced Bundle, you can enjoy interoperability features like tunneling and session passing between Cobalt Strike and our penetration testing solution, Core Impact. You’ll be able to run multiple security tests including vulnerability scan validation, advanced pen tests, and post-exploitation scenarios.

Further centralize your efforts with the Elite Bundle, which adds Frontline Vulnerability Manager, a SaaS solution that uses proprietary scanning technology to perform comprehensive network security assessments.

About Cobalt Strike

Raphael Mudge, founder of Cobalt Strike and thought leader within the cybersecurity world, launched the tool in 2012 in order to enable threat-representative security tests. Cobalt Strike was one of the first public Red Team command and control frameworks. In 2020, Fortra acquired Cobalt Strike to add to its Core Security portfolio. Today, Cobalt Strike is the go-to Red Team platform for many U.S. government, large business, and consulting organizations.

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