Endpoint As A Service

When you’re using the internet, you are exposing yourself from vulnerability to viruses that have been growing and expanding in ferocity and virulence for many years. These programs have reached beyond mere disturbances, since they developed into portals that carry out a more threatening activity that can secretly hack several websites, steal personal and confidential data for financial gains at your expense, and denial of services.


Are these viruses serious enough to harm you and cause losses? For PC users, some of you may think that reinstalling your Genuine Operating System after a malware virus has brought it down is enough, but the truth is, it is not. In a consumer survey among the victims of security breach, people had a hard time recovering their data. Consider that in the world of businesses, you could lose millions without the help of antivirus services.

What Are the Benefits of Antivirus Protection?

Prevent Virus-Related Damages: Antivirus services protect your computer by preventing any types of unexpected auto run programme from damaging its operating system.


Maintain your PC’s Security: This type of services creates a well-built firewall to improve your PC’s overall security, keeping all operations running to its maximum level, and secure the Internet browsing experience.


Protect Against Email Spam/Threats: Antivirus services is effective in scanning and checking emails, spam emails, and email attachments that could be contaminated with online threats, and also with malicious viruses.


Protect Data and Files: Important information, critical data, files, photos, documents, and materials stored on your computer are secured from sudden virus infections or virus attacks.


Financial Savings: A superficially protected or an unprotected PC is vulnerable to sudden and varied virus attacks. A good antivirus program counteracts the need of technical support and resort to costly measures to recover your data again.


Since, the internet is so easy to access, viruses can easily spread all over the web. When matter comes to protect your PC, there is nothing better than availing the lifetime antivirus services.

Customer Pains
Increasing Infections & Breaches
Why The Pain?

  • Rising malware volume overwhelming signatures
  • Rapid, adaptive malware circumvents signatures
  • Signatures are rarely developed for highly targeted malware
  • Limited behavioral or heuristics: -end up ‘guessing’
  • Malware increasingly malicious & $$$ motivated
Poor System Performance & Productivity
Why The Pain?

  • Heavyweight 150-500MB client that conflicts w/other software
  • Time – consuming tedious install & update
  • + 45 Minute Scans
  • + 90% CPU Burn = Unusable System During Scans
  • Large 5MB + updates, Multiple times per Day per Device
Complex Difficult To Manage & Control
Why The Pain?

  • Over –Engineered Unusable Console
  • No complete User Control
  • Limited & Often Expensive Support for Virtual Environments
  • Highly Dependent on Security Vendor for Remediation
  • No Holistic View of Endpoint & Network Posture
Too Much "Risk" & Uncertainty
Why The Pain?

  • Big client That Conflicts with Other Software=Outage
  • New ‘Definition’ Files Each Day = Will They Crash?
  • No Understanding Of “Dwell time” (Infection-Detection)
  • Limited Forensic Capability: What Happened?
  • Highly Dependent on Security Vendor
Abysmal Remediation & Support
Why The Pain?

  • Long Phone Support Queues
  • Reactive Rather Than Proactive Approach
  • Delays in Receiving Signatures & Patch Deployment
  • Too Often Answer Is: Reimage Machine
  • Highly Dependent on Security Vendor
Problems You Solve

IT Director

  • Cost & Complexity of Security Management
  • Improving Overall Security Postal
  • HR; Legal; Compliance
  • Maintaining User Productivity

Net/ Web Admin

  • Web Threat Vulnerability
  • Securing Mobile/Remote Users
  • Cost / Effectiveness of Premise-Based Protection

Mobile Admin

  • Cost/Effectiveness of Premise-Based Protection
  • Cost/Satisfaction with Mobile Protection

Desktop Admin

  • Cost of Protecting Clients from Infection
Antivirus As A Service

Virus protection is an important part of keeping the systems, applications and data in your environment safe from viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, password stealers and other malware threats.


With Antivirus As A Service, you can reduce valuable time spent on managing an antivirus system, which frees up your resources for more important tasks. You can expect a case automatically opened for you in the event a virus is detected. Subsequently, the team responds to the alert, contacts you and follows through with next steps.

  • Proactive Protection: Threats don’t always emerge in ways that you would expect. Our installation enables full, real-time scanning of system processes, files, the registry and e-mail to prevent the unexpected.
  • Deep Scanning: Malicious users have learned to hide their activity and tools deep within system processes. That is why we also scan SSL-encrypted communication channels like HTTPS, POP3S and compressed files.
  • Low System Overhead: Signature updates happen discretely each day and will not negatively impact system performance.
  • Full Visibility: The status of each agent is monitored by Titan Guard Sdn Bhd’s Client Support but can also be checked in real-time on the subscribed system.
  • Set and Forget: Titan Guard Sdn Bhd’s Client Services team ensures that the virus-scanning engine and signatures are up-to-date and continue to stay that way. The team handles any exceptions or trouble reports to provide you with a set-and-forget solution to enterprise caliber malware protection.
  • Automatic Exploit Prevention
  • Firewall management
  • Anti-Cryptor (for shared folders)
  • File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)
  • Log inspection
  • Application Startup Control
  • Device Control
  • Web Anti-Virus
  • Mail Threat Protection
  • Web Control
  • Traffic Security – External Proxy with ICAP
  • Network Storage Protection + Anti-Cryptor for NetApp

Titan Guard Sdn Bhd’s Antivirus Service proactively protects against exploits and threats using real-time scanning and automatically quarantines suspect files.

  • Continuous Server Protection: Signature updates are automatically checked every hour and applied daily. Antivirus software agents are always on and are updated monthly.
  • Quality Control: We runs a report to check the status of all antivirus software agents daily. Unresponsive agents or non-current antivirus signatures are logged into the ticket system for troubleshooting and repaired within two business days.

Titan Guard Sdn Bhd’s Antivirus Service complies with the following standards:

  • ICSA Labs
  • West Coast Labs
  • AV-Comparatives
  • Virus Bulletin

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