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Hive Pro Threat Exposure Management draws on business-tailored threat and vulnerability intelligence to preempt your likely threats, remediate high-risk vulnerabilities, and fortify your security controls. Our fully-integrated, all-in-one platform continuously filters through the alert noise, finds your blindspots and drives focused security action.

Eliminate High-Risk Threat Exposure

HivePro Uni5 tailors AI-powered threat and vulnerability intelligence to your organizational risk to drive continuous threat exposure discovery, vulnerability prioritization and remediation. We enable you to see through the attacker’s eyes specifically into your organization so you can proactively secure your assets.

Contextualize Threats, Prioritize Risks, and Resolve High-Risk Vulnerabilities

Experience the power of ArtemisPro, the TEM workflow orchestration layer that initiates new security assessments and drives ongoing security assessments to completion. ArtemisPro combines your historical and ongoing assessment data to visualize and report on outstanding risks, asset health, and room for improvement.

One Platform to Manage and Collaborate on All Security Assessments

On a daily basis, our HiveForce Labs Team briefs you on the latest attack, vulnerability and threat intelligence. Additionally, our actionable recommendations can be automated through the Hive Force: Threat Exposure Management platform.

Never Miss a Beat on Actionable Intelligence

Use Case: Fortifying Financial Services Cybersecurity with Hive Pro


Build your Cyber Resilience

Hive Pro TEM: All-In-One Platform

Hive Pro: Threat Exposure Management (TEM) is an all-in-one, fully-integrated platform that provides wide asset visibility, actionable threat and vulnerability intelligence, security controls testing, patch management, and in-platform, cross-functional collaboration. Close the loop on risk management with auto-generated strategic, operational, and tactical reports through our TEM platform.

Eliminate Analysis Paralysis with Integrated Threat Exposure Management

Hive Pro’s Threat Exposure Management (TEM) platform combines asset contextualization, vulnerability prioritization, and remediation to enhance your organization’s security posture. Gain wide asset visibility, actionable intelligence, and seamless collaboration for a comprehensive approach to reducing risks and cyberattacks.

Strengthen Security with Real-World Breach & Attack Simulations

Utilize our integrated Breach and Attack Simulation tool to test security controls, identify weak points, and reduce vulnerability risks. Enhance configurations, apply patch intelligence, and implement compensatory controls for robust protection.

Enhance Collaboration and Overcome Security Challenges with ArtemisPro

Empower seamless cross-functional collaboration with ArtemisPro, our comprehensive Threat Exposure Management platform. Unify security assessments, streamline processes, and enhance your organization’s security posture through a single pane of glass purpose-built for use across all stakeholders. Elevate your risk reduction strategy through efficient, transparent, and collaborative workflows. Experience the future of security management now with ArtemisPro.


All-In-One Platform



Optimize Cybersecurity Investments with Effective Threat Exposure Management

Rapid Remediation: 4X Faster

Quickly identify and resolve vulnerabilities to outpace your competition and ensure your business is secure.

Protect Business-Critical Assets: 70% Reduced Risk

Keep your most important assets safe from cyber attacks with Hive Pro’s advanced security features.

Optimize Operations: 2X Efficiency Leap

Experience unprecedented efficiency improvements in your daily operations with Hive Pro’s cutting-edge optimization solutions.

Key Benefits

We Get Rid of Your Asset Blind Spots

Fully map your attack surface and remove blindspots with bi-drectional lITSM, CMDB, and ASM tool integrations.

We Prioritize Your Threat-Informed Vulnerabilities

Visualize your total asset health, top threats, and prioritized threats in an easy-to-read interface, allowing for focused and timely remediation.

We Fortify Your Security Controls

Conduct real-world attack simulations against your security controls to surface weak points, configuration issues and room for improvement.

We Enrich Your Risk Management Program

Immediate progress tracking, unique insights, vulnerability management, and security program enrichment from one easy-to-use platform.


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Why Our Customers Love Us

Chief Information Security Officer

“Artemis gives us a holistic data view in a single pane. We were able to maintain continuity while engaging multiple external PT vendors”

Information Security Manager

“Brilliant platform to visualize automated, internal and external pentest data at a centralized location. We were able to improve efficiency by 70% by eliminating multiple manual tasks”

Information Security Manager

“Brilliant platform to visualize automated, internal and external pentest data at a centralized location. We were able to improve efficiency by 70% by eliminating multiple manual tasks”

IT Security Head

“Great services with high quality provided by the team”

Build your Cyber Resilience

Embrace Hive Pro’s cutting-edge All-In-One Threat Exposure Management Platform for improved vulnerability management, fortified security, and seamless collaboration. Upgrade your cybersecurity resilience now!

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